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Paraphrase Definition & Meaning

Paraphrase or rephrase is the rendering of the same text in different words without losing the meaning of the text itself. In other words, we convey the meaning of a text in our own words. More often than not, a paraphrased text can convey its meaning better than the original words and in fact, by doing so we create a copy of the text in meaning but which is different from the original, for example when you tell a story you heard in your own words, you paraphrase, with the meaning being the same. It is common for students to paraphrase because you will not be able to convey the meaning exactly as the original.
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✅ Price:Absolutely FREE
✔️ AI-Modes:3 Specific AI-Modes
✔️ Multilingual27+ Languages
⚡ Character limit:Up To 10,000!
⚡ Uniqueness check:Yes

surprised It’s a Powerful and Free Paraphrasing Tool

Our online paraphrasing tool can make any text unique. The program not only changes words with synonyms or does the usual rewrite, it can change and append entire phrases.

graduated Like a human rewrite

Rewrite will be hard to distinguish from human work. We can rewording any text and articles. You'll get a free tool that gives you plagiarism free text.

robot AI based rewriter

We are not a simple rewriter, our paraphrasing tool uses modern AI technologies which can work with texts of any complexity.

shocked Saving the original meaning

With our tool you will not lose the meaning of your text. Ai technology allows you to preserve the initial meaning and can even enrich it.

nerd Multi-language Rewriter

You get access to a multilingual paraphrasing tool, we can rewrite text and sentences in many languages, from English to Chinese.

What is paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing tool is a program that allows you to rewrite text so that words and sentences differ from the original, but the original meaning remains the same.

Do paraphrasing tools work?

Yes it works, in fact you change whole sentences and end up with a copy of the text in meaning, but with different words and sentences, which makes your text more unique.

Is the paraphrasing tool free?

Not all such tools are free. For example NeuralWriter is a free tool, but works better than the paid versions.

Is paraphrasing illegal?

This method is perfectly legal. You don't steal the exact text from the original, you just retell the meaning in other words.

Does paraphrasing tool count as plagiarism?

Some tools simply change the words to synonyms, which makes it plagiarized. For example, our free tool NeuralWriter changes entire phrases, making it less likely to be detected as plagiarism.

What is the best online paraphrasing tool?

At the moment NeuralWriter is the best paraphrasing tool. We have many AI based tools inside that allow us to be better than other similar tools.

What is the website that rewords text?

NeuralWriter is such a website, you can try paraphrasing text for free and see for yourself the good result

Is there a website that paraphrases for you?

Lots of people use NeuralWriter for paraphrasing, all you have to do is insert the text into the window and click "Paraphrase now", then we will give you the finished paraphrased text and you can even see where we replaced the words.
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