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Paraphrasing and Rephraser text API

We were asked and we did it - a high-performance API for rewriting and paraphrasing any text. In our rewriter, we use advanced neural networks that not only replace words with synonyms (like most others), but actually rewrite parts of sentences. At the same time, the original meaning of the text is preserved, and various uniqueness checks recognize the text as unique. You will definitely find the language of interest to you for paraphrasing, as we already support 27 languages, including English!

All supported languages by NeuralWriter API: English / Arabic / Chinese / German / French / Japanese / Italian / Spanish / Portuguese / Ukrainian / Indonesian / Finnish / Polish / Dutch / Swedish / Turkish / Russian / Kazakh / Azerbaijani / Uzbek / Bulgarian / Czech / Danish / Korean / Estonian / Greek / Hungarian / Latvian / Lithuanian / Romanian.

Benefits of using our API:

Character limit10,000+
Multilingual27 languages
✔️ AI-ModesLight, Medium and Hard
✔️ Demo planYES
Daily limitNO limits
Processing speedVery fast

3-Levels of paraphrasing

You can use 3 (Mode) levels of paraphrasing:

  • Light: the text will be slightly changed, while the original meaning will be fully preserved. With this mode, various plagiarism checker tools will find it difficult to recognize plagiarism. It works very fast and can easily handle large requests.
  • Medium: the text will become significantly more unique, some sentences will be rewritten, while the meaning of the text remains unchanged. Plagiarism checker tools will most likely show high uniqueness of the text. Today, this is the most popular level of rewriting.
  • Hard: the original text will be significantly rewritten, synonyms will also be used, and the uniqueness will be very high. The original meaning may slightly change, so the text will need to be reread, especially quotes. All plagiarism checker tools will find it very difficult to recognize copied text.

Examples of using Paraphrasing and Rewrite API

ChatGTP and AI Content Detector

It's no secret that text generated by the ChatGPT neural network is easily recognized by various AI Content Detector tools, and Google has explicitly stated that such content will not be valuable to them in search. To reduce the likelihood of your text being recognized as AI generated, use our paraphrasing API.

We asked ChatGPT to describe in simple terms "How the API works." The text generated by it is only recognized as written by a human at 72%.

ChatGPT rewrite api

If we paraphrase the text using our most popular "Medium mode", we will get a result of 98% that our text was written by a human! Such text will definitely be liked by Google. :)

ChatGPT rewrite api

Article and Plagiarism Checker

Often, a paraphrasing tool is used to increase the uniqueness of text, whether it is articles on a website or essays for students. One way to make text unique is to simply replace most words with their synonyms. However, such texts are easily recognized and flagged as unoriginal (plagiarism). Instead, we strive to rewrite individual parts of the text to truly increase its uniqueness with the power of AI.

For example, let's take a text on the topic "What is an API", with a plagiarism level of 100%:

ChatGPT plagiarism api

Now, let's use the "Medium mode" on the same text and check its plagiarism level. A result above 80% is considered excellent, but we were able to achieve 100%:

ChatGPT plagiarism rewritten api

Are you ready to start using our API?

You can purchase it or use the demo version on RapidAPI.

If you have any additional questions about working with the API, please email us at "[email protected]" and we will do our best to answer your questions.

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